Brainwin Japan Hospitality Property Fund

Brainwin Japan Hospitality Property Fund

Fund status:
The fund has ended, and the raised funds have been built into hospitality property and delivered to clients. The are currently in normal operation.

Why invest in Japanese ?
As of the end of 2019, the data shows that the Japanese economy continues to improve, the real estate is in a depression of value, the continuous improvement of Sino-Japanese relations, and a series of important global events and activities after 2020 will be held in Japan, which will further boost tourism and employment rates. and economic growth.

The data provides further clarity:

  • The Japanese economy has not been affected by global adverse factors, and the economy has continued to improve. It has continued to grow for three consecutive quarters, significantly higher than market expectations;
  • The continuous improvement of Sino-Japanese relations: driving the strong growth in the number of Chinese visitors to Japan and consumption, both surpassing other countries and ranking first (the number of visitors to Japan increased by 15.4% in 2017). Alipay can be seen everywhere in Japan and has been widely used in various shopping malls. A record high in tourism: foreign tourists visiting Japan reached a record high (30 million in 2018, an annual increase of over 30%);
  • Overseas investment: Japan’s real estate investment has been sought after by overseas investors in recent years, reaching 1.1 trillion yen (about 66 billion yuan) in 2018, three times that of 2016.

The rapid growth of Japanese real estate, higher rent increases, and reasonable housing prices make it a great investment value.

Fund’s Investment Objectives and Strategies
The primary investment objective of the fund is to achieve capital appreciation while controlling investment risk. The fund will build, renovate or rebuild high-quality land or old houses into hospitality properties. During the development period, the fund will sell the independent property rights of the hospitality properties or the property rights of the entire building to individual or institutional investors.

Investor benefits include: development income, rental returns, and land appreciation.
Fund managers are responsible for developing, holding and operating, and selling the investment projects when they are most profitable.

Project operation period
It takes about 10-12 months from the purchase of the land to the completion of the project,and the acquisition of the license, and then it enters the overall operation period;

The operation period takes about 3-6 months to timely sell the property;

When the property is sold, the net profit after deducting all expenses is returned to the investor.

The period from investment to exit for the entire project is about 1.5-2 years under normal market conditions.

Fund has the advantages over direct buying real estate
Buying fund directly has four advantages:

  1.  Just fill in the fund subscription form, remit money, and complete the procedure in 10 minutes. There is no need to go to Hong Kong and Japan to complete the relevant procedures. Directly participate in the initial investment and earn development income;
  2. Due to the large size of the fund, it can purchase land at a discounted price and complete the project at a lower construction cost;
  3. The land of the project has the potential for appreciation;
  4. In addition to the supervision of the Cayman Monetary Authority, there are also reviews by international auditors, valuers, and lawyers.

Is it safe to invest in “Brainwin Japan Hospitality Property Fund”?
Investing in the “Brainwin Japan Hospitality Property Fund” is safe and reliable, as investing in this fund has dual guarantees:

  1. )The Cayman Monetary Authority supervises fund companies and investment managers;
  2. )The fund directly holds property rights in its name, the investment funds are guaranteed.

What happens when the project encounters an earthquake, fire, or tsunami?
In Japan, it is mandatory to purchase earthquake insurance and fire insurance. Since earthquake insurance is operated by the Japanese government in cooperation with insurance companies, no matter which fire insurance you join, the coverage and premium are the same, and the premium depends on the structure of the house, the location, and the insurance amount, and the number of years of the contract.

Brainwin Japan Hospitality Property Fund

Fund Name Brainwin Japan Hospitality Property Fund
Fund Management Brainwin Cayman Company
Fund Investment Manager Jiyuan Investment Management (HK) Company Limited
Trading Currency USD
Initial Unit Value USD 1,000
Investment Period Class B, C, D, E: 3 years + 1 year + 1 year (will be
Minimum Initial Subscription Amount USD 100,000
Minimum Additional Subscription Amount USD 50,000
Date of Redemption The Fund has the initiative to carry out redemption operations, and investors have no initiative.
Management Fee The Fund has the initiative to carry out redemption operations, and investors have no initiative.
Performance Fee When the project exits, if the net investment return obtained by the fund is less than 10% (inclusive), all of it will be distributed to investors; if it exceeds 10% (exclusive), the investor will receive 80% and the fund manager will receive 20%.
Mr. Herbert Li
Partner (Hong Kong)
Mr. Herbert Li has almost 20 years of real estate experience in Asia and UK, and he is currently acting as the Head of Asset Management for a real estate fund, managing a portfolio of Grade A office building, shopping center and serviced apartment with over 7 million sq ft. He held various investment and leasing positions at JLL, DTZ/Cushman & Wakefield in Hong Kong and Shanghai in early 2000s, with solid hands-on experience in office, retail, industrial and hospitality sectors. Herbert is a professional member the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and also serve as an assessor for RICS China since 2013.
Mr. Wilson Ma
Partner (Hong Kong)
Mr. Wilson Ma holds a bachelor’s degree and has extensive experience in the management of large-scale projects and interior/exterior decoration projects. He was employed by a number of well-known engineering companies, such as Deji Construction Engineering Company Limited, Dayi Company Limited, and Futeng Engineering Company Limited. Mr. Ma Zheng has been involved in many large-scale domestic and foreign projects, such as AIA Tower public area fine decoration project at Central Hong Kong, SHAMA hotel apartment project in Hong Kong, and the Disneyland Railway Station in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Yangtze River Group Beijing Oriental Plaza Grand Hyatt Hotel fine decoration, fine decoration of Chow Tai Fook China headquarters in Shenzhen, Hong Kong New World Beijing Ligao Wangfu service apartment and villa fine decoration project
Mr. 結城 荣
Member of Investment Decision Committee (Osaka)
Managing Director of Brainbridge Japan Investment Development Co., Ltd. Mr. 結城 荣 educated in from a young age and graduated from the Osaka University School of Economics. After graduating from university, he has been working in real estate investment and development in Osaka, Japan, and has more than 15 years of real estate investment and development experience. Mr. 結城 荣 has extensive experience in real estate development and is currently working on the renovation of old buildings in Osaka and looking for suitable Japanese real estate investment projects for overseas investors. In recent years, he has successfully completed the acquisition, renovation, marketing and transformation of several old buildings in Osaka Tennoji , Nishinari-ku and Namba into hotels, B&Bs and hotels.
Mr. 菊池華州
Partner (Hong Kong)
Member of Investment Decision Committee (Osaka) President of Japan Global Resources Company Limited, worked in the investment division of Nippon Life Insurance, invested and participated in a number of real estate investment projects in Japan and China.